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[22 May 2007|08:36pm]
Im going to Glasgow for the first time ever on friday.

June consists of Download and Pressurefest. crazy times ahead.
no getting arrested this time.
So in June i'll see Earth Crisis, Bury Your Dead, Casey Jones, Linkin Park, Korn and more amazing bands that i love!

i need a new job.
mine in tediously boring now.
i need better pay. ffs.
I Will Never Be Blind

First trip to Europe [24 Apr 2007|07:06pm]
So iv just spent pretty much 5 days in the company of my dear friends Your Demise, also joining us was a lovely gentleman named Toffy.

(starting with this as there isnt much)
- missing a show
- belgian police
- shit and blood stained holding cells covered in swastikas
- french toll roads
- big scary dog jumping at the van in the dark

- seeing 5 different countries in 3 days. France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland!
- seeing 2 damn good shows. Germany was small crowd, but good. France show was off the wall!
- Euro mosh
- moshing a hole in the wall of the french venue
- the fit blonde girl
- making friends with an awesome french band called None Shall Be Saved.
- some french girl giving me a kiss in exchange for a YD t-shirt.
- getting out of prison
- amazing night sky and views driving in switzerland
- the german kids moshing at the show
- the french kids going nuts at the show
- perfect clear blue skys and hot weather the whole time
- bangers
- ferrys
- sausages
- Aleeeeeeeeeeeek
- Urrrgggghhhh
- powerade
- beating the tune of 'firestorm' on the prison walls
- meeting the Voo-Doo Glow Skulls and My Dying Bride on the ferry
- the fit blonde girl
- None Shall Be Saved covering Strife
- spending 5 days doing what i like to do with people i like.

needless to say i will NEVER forget this weekend.
I Will Never Be Blind

fuuuun fuuuun fuuuuun in the suuuun suuun suuuuuuun [14 Apr 2007|03:16pm]
[ mood | hot ]

So it's nice weather. wicked.

Download. yes. Machine head and Linkin Park. cant wait.

Pressurefest, maybe. see how well i can organise myself. Bury Your Dead & Earth Crisis!

France/Belgium/Germany with Your Demise next week. oh shit. good times for 3 days.

girls on the go. more than likely.

girlfriend. cba.

waterfights at shows. need more of.

metal. yes

I Will Never Be Blind

[19 Mar 2007|07:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm addicted to Heroes. What a show!

I think i have a slight concussion. I got flattened by Dave at Facedown Fest, i was sat on a chair during the Jailbait set, Dave ran headfirst into me and pretty much killed me.

Facedown was one long long fun filled weekend ... with a slight hint of combatfest !
Saturday was good to see By My Hands after 11months! playing Star Wars top trumps with Gav and Grewar was wicked.
Jailbait's first set was amazingly funny. Amazing and amazingly funny.

Stayed with hannah, was very good, we just watched Family Guy for hours.

However arriving at Facedown on sunday it lead to me being the butt of the joke for the day. the "Gary had sex last night" joke (which i didnt), Skinny Jack and Charlotte were telling everyone in the room. Lolz.

I now well like this girl. it is very good.

Might being making that big step soon. Living in London, with Alice. mental.

I Will Never Be Blind

[11 Mar 2007|10:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I love South Park.

I went to the cinema on my own again. It's a bit sad i know, but at least i can dwell in my own thoughts during the trailers (which were all very good today!).
I saw Outlaw, it was good. Sean Bean was wicked in it. The one male actor i have adored since i was small ... since the days of Sharpe! ha

My girl situation has taken a positive turn thanks to Mr Oz. .
It has almost been a year now, so it's about time something good happened for me.
very good indeed.

I might have the chance to move at work, to testing. Means i'll get more experience with testing/programming. It would be nice, but i need to know more about it first.

Download .... metal

I Will Never Be Blind

[20 Feb 2007|10:57pm]
Girls, Games and Hardcore
My life once again.

Apparently it was valentines day last week. lol.

Awoken split up. :(

One of my prime target females is now single. FGI!*

Oz YD is one of my new favourite people, he rings me up from girls houses to tell me they are fit and that i should get with them, all while the girl is there with him. madman. Nice to know one of my mates is dedicated to getting me back in the game.

I still play World of Warcraft too much

*FGI = Fuckin' get in
2 Covered My Eyes||I Will Never Be Blind

[12 Feb 2007|05:55pm]

iv just seen one of my favourite bands 4 times.
I bunked 2 days of work with "food poisoning"
Went to manchester for the very first time.
Had a bash at singing for Your Demise ... it was hilariously awful.
Bought myself a £750 LCD TV.
Im in charge at work once again.
Iv been spying lot of girls with Oz. (not spying on!)

I dont do much at all really.
oh well
1 Covered My Eyes||I Will Never Be Blind

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